Saturday 14th June

Cicero Buck (10pm-11pm), Michael Berk & Burnside


Cicero Buck is a musical collaboration between American singer/songwriter Kris Wilkinson and English bassist/songwriter Joe Hughes. Kris started performing with her college band, Perfect Strangers, in Mississippi in the mid 1980's and then moved on to create the Nashville based For Kate's Sake.

Joe, in the mid 1980's was part of the English pop duo, the Lover Speaks, known for epic songs, one of which became a massive hit for Annie Lennox in 1995 titled "No More I Love You's". They met in Nashville and now, based in the UK have produced a fine collection of songs - Delicate Shades of Grey which has been released in the UK, Europe and the USA, as part of the current tour.

'Once in awhile an album comes along which takes you completely by surprise and knocks you sideways with it's brilliance, and this is one of those albums.' - CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY


Burnside 8.25pm - 8.55pm

Chelmsford based Burnside - more info to follow shortly.


Michael Berk 9.05pm - 9.35pm


For the last 10 years, Michael Berk has been stunning audiences around the UK, performing over 200 shows with little more than a guitar and the occasional percussionist.. Born on 23 March 1981, Michael began playing at the age of 6 using his mother's old guitar and a Beatles songbook. By the time he was 11, he was playing professionally with bands.

Yet it has only been over the past 2 years that he has received recognition for his own music, leading one leading promotion company to refer to him as "the greatest exponent of acoustic guitar on the live scene… not for the faint of heart!" (taken from Up All Night magazine last year). We've seen him play live and its not just hype!

'Michael Berk has created his own unique style ...artistic and percussive.' - BRIDGE GUITAR REVIEWS


Please visit the various artists' websites and check out their releases and upcoming gigs. If CD sales at the end of the gigs are any judge of quality, you will not be disappointed.