Saturday 21st September SOLD OUT

David Hughes, Polly Paulusma and LD Trinity

This show was sold out before the doors had even opened and is it any surprise? Where do you start with David Hughes? Four albums, two books, a new 'Best Of' CD, 'David Hughes - Recognised' being released in time for this concert, as well as production commissions for the Design Council and BBC Radio Scotland make you wonder how this man fits in a hot meal.

Luckily for us he lives a relatively short hop down the road in Maldon and provided the audience with a display of vituoso guitar playing, erudite and witty songs, and the most hilarious stories and anecdotes in between. The Colchester audience warmed to him right away and were rewarded with one of the most entertaining hour's worth of music you could imagine. 'Blue Car' with its tale of the last days of David's old blue metro, enmeshed with a run down of the precarious nature of rural transport in East Anglia had the whole auditorium in stitches.

We would like to thank David for supporting AcoustiCity. It is thanks to artists of his stature that the whole venture keeps going and we can introduce new songwriters to an audience with a very short list of venues in the area to visit.


"A sharp contender who twists his lines like Lou Reed & picks his guitar with frill-free intent." - Vox


LD Trinity 8.30pm - 9.00pm

LD Trinity are Liz Townsend and Dan Cooper from Wickford with Liz providing the piano and vocals and Dan Cooper on guitar. Close friends since senior school they decided to work together after Liz finished her degree and Danís former band split. Liz's piano playing is in part inspired by the likes of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple and with Danís percussive guitar accompaniment this has lead to other performances around Essex and Hertfordshire.

A beautifully understated set played to the obvious strength of liz's vocal, accompanied at times by Dan's guitar, Liz's solo piano or a mixture of both. This seems to be a spring board for further development of a diverse and engaging set of songs. Look out for gigs in the area later this year.



Polly Paulusma 9.05pm - 9.35pm

Polly Paulusma (pronounced Pauls-Mah) has been described variously as colourful, sophisticated and optimistic. Her vibrant acoustic guitar style and beautifully rich voice make every gig she plays a delight. Currently based in London, Polly excelled in the forum of the Headgate Theatre. At times soaring, at others quiet and melancholy she worked through a series of self penned songs which captivated the whole audience. A rush of CD sales in the interval was richly deserved.

Polly stepped in at the 11th hour after a previous cancellation and we would like to thank her for filling in so wonderfully at such short notice. Finally, don't miss Polly's Headline gig at AcoustiCity on May 10th 2003. She will be performing songs from her new album accompanied by double bass and percussion. Its going to be good!



Please visit the various artists' websites and check out their releases and upcoming gigs. If CD sales at the end of the gigs are any judge of quality, you will not be disappointed.